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Rich experience
Production of all kinds of heat shrinkable and easy pulling rubber caps, product quality assurance, has obtained a number of national patents
Advanced equipment
With advanced equipment, combined with the latest technology and technology in the market, we strive for perfection.
Excellent team
With a professional team of many people and perfect management mode, your finished products will become artworks.
Professional services
Creative, design one-stop service not only to satisfy customers, but also to move customers.
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Zhangjiagang Minxing Knitting Machinery Co, Ltd. is a professional design and manufacture of weft circular knitting machine and its accessories business.Invites well-known assembly and debugging of technicians, hire professional management and sales personnel, establish a complete and efficient production, management, sales and development system, formulated the "honesty, truth-seeking, innovative" business purposes, and therefore can in a very short time, based on circular knitting machine market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, in the knitting industry to become an up and comer .Star machinery to meet the needs of the market leading technology, according to customer demand for customized knitting equipment. The introduction of foreign advanced equipment...

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The main value of enterprises lies in meeting the needs of consumers and creating greater wealth for the society...

Is a professional design well production and manufacturing weft knitti…
Zhangjiagang Minxing Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd. is online!
Welcome to visit the website of Zhangjiagang Minxing Knitting Machiner…
The main value of enterprises lies in meeting the needs of consumers a…
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